Is the privatization of health services in Mexico necessary?

On the occasion of World Health Day, publishe three articles of great interest regarding medical practice in Mexico: “Private medical services, big business without regulation”. “Public sector failures detonate the boom in pharmacy offices” and “Medical expense insurance. A source of conflict for users.” Before analyzing it, it is worth noting that medical sociology studies three major fields of health: 1) the health/disease process, 2) medical practice and 3) health policy. The La Jornada articles somehow address two of the three areas with some aspects. It happens that along with culture, when analyzes are made regarding health. The vision is usually myopic, very short. Analysts frequently observe only two protagonists of the three responsible for providing services in a community the state and lucrative private activity. But they forget citizen participation organize through also private organizations.

The non-profit sector

The philanthropic sector, since it offers third parties the support of its services (health or cultural) and is considere in Mexico as a marginal Belize Mobile Number List contribution. First because in reality the sector is small and actors that They should support its development. They do so timidly; secondly, because it is unknown how these organizations function in a non-profit economy and it is thought that services should not be charge or it is not possible to understand the subsidies; and third. Because they have a limite capacity in infrastructure, they are not advertise in the same way as other lucrative public and private offers and they have not been recognize in the services they offer. Describing them as irregular, or as suggeste by La Jornada. Because they are opportunities for “ private for profit” (italics adde). However, in all develope countries, government service providers coexist.

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The previous assertion

Observe in at least: Higher Education, Promotion of Art and Culture, Health Services (and its entire range of assistance). In another article Philippines Phone Number List publishe in Expok within this same column entitle: “They launch a campaign against pharmaceutical foundations that offer medical consultations” we point out some of the characteristics of both the medical care model and the way in which access to health services is modifie. population that does not have social security or medical expenses insurance, as we also point out how business foundations have decide to undertake actions in the provision of health services that have been well receive by the population that has become their clientele and despite .

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