Four categories of university volunteering

Universia de Colombia shares an interesting note that motivates this reflection regarding university volunteering . There it indicates that Engineer Victoria Salazar Gil complete her master’s studies at the National University of Colombia. Headquarters in Manizales, and to obtain the degree she prepare the thesis title “University volunteering. A proposal for the management of the ethical environment of Universities.”  Four categories  from the Mexican Volunteer Alliance we have propose to support the development of university volunteers and to do so we have analyze the boost that universities can give in general and there are at least the following variants regardless of whether they are public, private or non-profit private. When the university is the space Due to the influx of young people to the campuses and influence by some of the many students with a strong pro-social attitude collude in the facilities with social initiatives that will draw on volunteering to channel their concerns.

Students can create collectives

Some of these concern fraternity and others concern philanthropy. That is, leagues, coalitions. Student promotion groups for their own benefit and their Bahamas Mobile Number List future professional development. Its iconic symbol is the fraternities that are familiar to us in American films with university youth themes and that generally name their group with letters of the Greek alphabet. However, the benefit of the work carrie out by its volunteers is poure onto the fraternity members themselves. Four categories  in Mexico, many of these voluntary efforts led to professional associations. But it should also be note that a relevant variant is the groups that turn out to be highly politicize. Where left-wing tendencies predominate. Covering the entire ideological range from end to end: from anarchist and radical groups to moderate liberal ones. Many are recruite by political parties and end up affiliating students. Which of course is nothing wrong, but it is worth highlighting their voluntary efforts that drift across other seas.

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They channel their social impulses

In this regard, it should be note that, as reveale in the article “Whoever arrives.Nothing will change”  which addresses Qatar Phone Number List some of the ways in which young people participate. Reveals that many of them are seduce by groups of this kind. nature, by participating in demonstrations and many Four categories  others develop intense activism on social networks. But conspiracies also converge in voluntary student actions in favor of others who do not belong to the group or the university community but are part of the community surrounding the educational center. Which is why they are voluntary actions. There are multiple examples but one could cite: health. Literacy or human rights promotion brigades that are organize by these groups to do grassroots work with women from the neighborhood. Men from the neighborhood or young workers who were not able to complete high school or university studies.

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