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Stability in the country. Istanbul also ranke in the bottom ten for its opportunities for sports th place urban environment st place and availability of green goods and services st place. th place Hong Kong Environment and working life indicators disappoint expats Hong Kong is the city where expats are generally the most dissatisfie with their life abroad. One of the reasons for this is the low quality of life index th place. Foreigners do not like the air quality and believe that the government does not support environmental protection policies.

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Hong Kongs business culture does not encourage flexibility dissatisfie or creativity. th place Hamburg here expats are the unhappiest and have the hardest time making friends Hamburg is ranke th in the ease of settling in and th in the subcategory Finding friends. Only believe that it is easy to make new acquaintances in the city and do not feel at Morocco WhatsApp Number List home here. Housing is hard to find for expats the city scores poorly on climate and weather but scores very well on the availability of green goods and services. Expats appreciate the level of labor protection the length of the working day and the general state of the German economy . th place Milan difficult financial situation and working life.

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Milan is among the five worst cities both in terms of working hours and worklife balance. Expats also struggle with the lack of opportunities for Italy Phone Number List personal career growth and believe.  That they are unfairly paid for their work. are dissatisfie. With the air quality in the city but enjoy the climate and weather of Italy . Also foreigners are not satisfie with their financial situation and most believe that their income is not enough. For a comfortable life in Milan. rd place Vancouver housing is not affordable here. The locals are not very friendly. Vancouver ranks last in the world on the Personal Finance Index th place. Expats are extremely dissatisfie with the overall cost of living and their financial situation.

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