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Emigrants say that their income is not enough for a comfortable life. The only plus is that housing prices are low. th place Frankfurt here most expats struggle with digitalization and the language barrier About two out of five respondents are dissatisfie with the administrative services that are available on the Internet and the possibilities for cashless payment in Germany . Also many expats consider housing prices too high. It is difficult for foreigners to make new friends and get use to the local culture.

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Frankfurt is a very contrasting city for example while it score highly for car infrastructure it was also ranke worst in the world for public transport accessibility. th place Paris The worlds best culture and cuisine but only for those who can Mexico WhatsApp Number List afford it It is extremely difficult for expats to find housing in Paris and of respondents generally believe that the cost of housing is too high which is why the overall cost of living in the city is quite high. of expats are dissatisfie with their financial situation. Also unfortunately many foreigners do not feel very welcome in the capital of France.

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They say that Parisians are unfriendly to foreigners so it is difficult for them to make new friends. Expats appreciate the diversity of Paris cuisine Iran Phone Number List and dining options as well as its culture and nightlife. However worry about their personal safety. th place Istanbul the worst city to work abroad Istanbul ranks last in the world on the index of working abroad. Expats are unhappy with their working hours and worklife balance. Also many people note unfair payment for their work. The Turkish capital was also ranke th in the quality of life ranking with particularly poor results in the safety subcategory.

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