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The worst factor in the Expat Essentials index. According to the Work Abroad Index expats do not feel adequately paid for their work dissatisfie. However they are satisfie with the balance between work and personal life and positively evaluate the Canadian labor market . nd place Tokyo difficult to navigate but high quality of life Expats are not satisfie with the availability of government services online it is also difficult to carry out cashless transactions and open a bank account. Foreigners believe that the local business culture does not encourage creativity or independent work.

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However Tokyo is among the top cities in terms of job security and most expats see a purpose in their work. After all the capital of Japan shows the best indicators according to the index of quality of life meical care and diversity of cooking and nutrition. st place Rome emigrants feel at home despite the low quality of life Rome was in the bottom Namibia WhatsApp Number List ten of the rating because expats are dissatisfie with the local labor market and believe that moving to Italy has not improve their career prospects. Half of the respondents are dissatisfie with the availability of administrative and government services online. In the Quality of Life Index expats negatively evaluate the level of development of public transport and the quality of meical care.

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On the plus side the city scores well on the Ease of Settlement Index and ranks central on the Personal Finance Index. So Valencia and Mexico City are great for digital nomads. Also expats who settle in Valencia and Dubai can count on a high Latvia Phone Number List quality of life. Dubai is the best choice when it comes to working abroad and its easy for most expats to find their way around. On the other hand Johannesburg th Frankfurt am Main th and Paris th are the worst destinations for expats to move to. Expats in Johannesburg are particularly frustrate by poor quality of life while Frankfurt and Paris score poorly on ease of settling indices.

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