Buy state debt at 3% profitability Government campaign 

The Treasury is trying to take advantage of the fact that financial institutions now offer remunerations below 2% Catalonia, Andalusia and Valencia  Buy state debt are the most indebted communities in Spain Europe does not believe Spain’s green shoots: spending is out of control Merkel allies with Holland and Austria so that the ECB punishes Spain for its debt Graph of interest rates on Treasury debt. Graph of interest rates on Treasury debt. The Government designs a campaign to attract individual investors to  Buy state debt buy public debt. The aim is to take advantage of the low remuneration that banks currently offer in deposits to redirect the commitment of ordinary citizens towards Treasury bonds.

The trend has been decreasing since

The 90s, in which investment by individuals reached 10% ,” highlight high-level economic sources. Investment by individuals in State paper has grown by 40% since last May, that is, barely 3,000 million euros. Mechanism to facilitate the purchase of bonds . Furthermore, for a few months now, the small investor can go to his entity to give a buy or sell order in which he will Pakistan Phone Number List  choose the security on which he wants to operate, the limit price and the volume of the operation. You can also have access to the trading prices of different securities that are being trad on the platform through the web. Until now, you could only acquire securities by going to the Bank of Spain , the entity of which you were a client or through the Public Treasury website.

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In this case the preliminary question

Raised by an Austrian judge, and the ruling of the European Court says that when the information publishe by the entity is not correct, the provisions of the European directives on market abuse and transparency are violate . The court does not get involve in saying what Qatar Phone Number List  civil penalty this infringement should entail and leaves it in the hands of each Member State of the Union.Liquidate fresh products daily Sources close to the company explain that another of the objectives of this campaign is to not have to throw away products at the end of the day and to replenish stocks every day.

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