More than 1,500 people affected by Bankia’s IPO will sue 

They allege that the bank hid their true financial situation from them. A court has already ruled in favor of a family harmed by this reason 7 out of 10 preferential holders will get their money back Why Emilio Botín is delighte with Rodrigo Rato Investors veto Deutsche Bank, Lazard and JP Morgan for first placement and now more than 1,500 shareholders who attende the entity’s IPO in 2011 are going to file another joint complaint in which they demand that their money be returne. investment. It will be the second class action lawsuit against the entity now chaire by José Ignacio Goirigolzarri .

The lawsuit will be through civil means

Those affected will demand the return of the money invested in shares that they bought at 3.75 euros and that today are around one and a half euros . The main reason that the complaint will argue is that those affect went to buy Bankia shares deceived by those Philippines Phone Number List responsible for the banking offices , who did not correctly explain the investment they were making. Within this manipulate information that they receiv the concealment of the true financial situation of the entity is basic . “They told them that it was a solvent entity, that it made money and that it was going to appreciate in value on the stock market.

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According to the former director general of ONCE

There are already 1,500 affected people signed up for the lawsuit and “we are going to leave a few more days before presenting it, until after Easter, so that Russia Phone Number List  more people can sign up.” Judgment There are already two sentences that mark the path of the resolutions that the judges are making on this matter. In addition to those affected by preferential claims, who in the vast majority of trials are ruling in favor of those affected, in February a court in Oviedo sentenced Bankia to return to a family the 38,000 euros it invested in shares, considering that the plaintiffs They suffered a “mistake” in marketing . Furthermore, another text could serve as a basis for those affected to win their lawsuits .

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