Banco Santander and Caixabank request the sales notebook 

The former economic vice president Pedro Solbes, director of the British entity, ‘sells’ the profitability of the high-income clients in his portfolio to the large Spanish banks Isidro Fainé (CaixaBank) gets ‘wet’ about the independence of Catalonia: “Better together than apart” Banco Santander ignores pressure from the Government and will not stay with Catalunya Caixa Government order to banks: we must save 400 companies that will go bankrupt before the summer Banco Santander signs KPMG to detect future delinquent clients Emilio Botín and Isidro Fainé. Emilio Botín and Isidro Fainé. Banco Santander and Caixabank are intereste in the Barclays subsidiary in Spain. The sales notebook has been in the hands of the senior managers of these entities for several days. Zapatero’s former economic vice president and advisor to the British entity  Solbes, will also act as an intermeiary with the large Spanish banks.

Entities assure that they will not make

Afirm offer be designe until the specific numbers are know. However, since Barclays’ intention to divest from its subsidiary in Spain became known  Benin WhatsApp Number List just a few days ago, the sales notebook has already begun to be handle at the top of these two entities. The sale has been on the market for months The possible sale of Barclays Spain has been rumore in the market for months. In fact, the British bank has accelerated several business reductions in this time.  Pedro Solbes is involve in the operation The financial sources to which ECD has had access explain that another of the fundamental pieces of this process will be that of Solbes , former economic vice president under Zapatero.

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Collaborates with the British group as an advisor

Its business in Europe and joine the board of directors of the Spanish subsidiary in . assure that he will make use of his contacts at the highest level in the Spain WhatsApp Number List  country’s large financial groups to ‘ sell’ the attractions of Barclays Spain to the top managers of Spanish banking . Among these taxes are: the regional fraction of Personal Income Tax a part of the VATthe Special Manufacturing Taxes on Beer on Wine and Fermente Beverages, on Tobacco Hydrocarbons, and the yield transferre from the Electricity Tax.

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