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Another category visa for a student Foreign students studying at one of Luxembourgs universities have the right to work up to hours a week or more during the summer or other holiday periods in any job they choose. It is not necessary to obtain additional permissions for this. Work visas for freelancers entrepreneurs and selfemployed persons Foreigners who are freelancers entrepreneurs or selfemployed individuals must prove that they have the appropriate qualifications and resources to move in order to obtain a visa. In addition when you apply for a visa you will need to show that your business proposal will serve the interests of Luxembourg.

The cost of the visa

The fee for obtaining and extending a visa is euros. Duration of the visa Valid for years with the possibility of renewal. Visa for seasonal workers You can get a seasonal visa only for work that is characterized as a seasonal activity Mexico Phone Number Data harvesting work of tour guides shortterm work in the hospitality industry. How to arrange To obtain this visa you will first need a signed seasonal work contract. The procedure is similar to the visa for employees. Duration of the visa A visa for seasonal workers is valid for no more than five months within a total period of months.

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Procedure in Luxembourg at the link. How to apply for a work visa in Luxembourg . After signing the employment contract the foreigner must Philippine Whatsapp Number apply to the consulate of Luxembourg to obtain a temporary visa to enter the country. . Upon arrival in Luxembourg you must register at the municipal office Kommune at your place of residence within working days. Then within months you need to apply for a type D work visa. The procedure includes the following stages Submit a declaration to the local administration to confirm that you want to live in this region Pass a medical examination. Download the official application forms on the Luxembourg Government website.

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