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Where to stay Shota Rustaveli Boutique Hotel Hotel British House Radisson Blu Hotel Batumi. Rwanda East Africa Rwanda is a small African country with significant tourism potential. The state impresses with probably the most beautiful landscapes in Africa and the diversity of wildlife. If you are looking for unique experiences then you should definitely visit this place. What to see Rwandas crown jewel is Volcanoes National Park home to the endangered mountain gorilla golden monkeys chimpanzees and baboons.

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The country is Lake Kivu located on the western border of Rwanda. Crystal clear water stunning sunsets and breathtaking views will amaze every traveler. You can get acquainted with the bright culture of Rwanda by visiting traditional villages Canada Phone Number Data or local markets where you will find handmade products colorful fabrics and fresh products. What to do Go hiking through the lush green rainforest go fishing sailing or simply swim in Lake Kivu. You can also join a tour to learn about the history and culture of Rwanda. Best time to visit JuneSeptember and DecemberFebruary.

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Hotel Convention Centre Five To Five Hotel Heaven Restaurant Boutique Hotel. Ecuador South America Ecuador is a small South American Australia Whatsapp Number country that is often overlooked behind the glory of its larger neighbors including Peru and Chile. What to see The main pearl of Ecuador is its nature. Ecuador is home to the Galapagos Islands a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for giant tortoises sea lions and bluefooted gannets. The state is also home to the  Mountains and the Pacific coast. In addition to its natural beauty Ecuador has a rich cultural heritage. What to do Ski down the Mali y Dejes mountain hike around sandy beaches. The country is also home to numerous Mayan archaeological sites including Sunantunich Lamanai Karakol and Altun Ha. Belize is also a paradise for snorkelers and divers with an abundance.

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