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There are the ruins of the former city of Old Len Len Viejo are now on the World Heritage List. Leon is the educational center of Nicaragua. Although it doesnt have as many architectural wonders as Granada for example Len is not to be missed on a trip to Nicaragua as it is home to the largest cathedral in Central America and it is fantastic. Be sure to find time to go up to the roof of the cathedral and enjoy the fabulous views. Another attraction is the Historical Museum of the Revolution dedicated to those who challenged the Somos dictatorship.

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Hotel Mariposa Hotel Cacique Adiact. The most popular restaurants are El Bodegon El Sesteo and El Desayunazo. Cerro Negro volcano The Cerro Negro volcano is relatively small its height is only m but it is interesting because it is the youngest and Vietnam Phone Number List most unpredictable volcano in the Western Hemisphere. As you can understand from its name Cerro Negro is black as pitch because it is made of black gravel hardened black lava flows and massive black sand dunes. A hike along its cone can truly provide a surreal otherworldly experience.

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Boarding here riding on special boards from the slopes of the volcano. The volcano is located minutes from Len so. You can stop and visit the Vietnam Whatsapp Number restaurant in the city. Corn islands Two islands in the Caribbean that live mostly on fishing and a bit of tourism. Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island impress with white sandy beaches and the reefs are wash by crystal clear turquoise water. Despite their small size they offer a beautiful and peaceful place to relax hotels here and the locals are extremely friendly. On the islands you can explore stunning reefs or go diving.

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