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Also thanks location the country attracts crossborder workers about citizens of France Germany and Belgium go to work in Luxembourg every day. Therefore foreigners make up about of the countrys workforce. However for employment of a certain category of expats it is necessary to obtain a visa. Who needs to get a permit before moving and what is the procedure More details below. Who needs a work visa to Luxembourg Citizens of most EU countries with the exception of Croatia do not need to obtain a visa before moving to Luxembourg.

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States of the European Free Trade Association EFTA which includes Switzerland Iceland Norway and Liechtenstein are exempt from the need to obtain a special permit to work in the Grand Duchy. Representatives of the rest of the world must Korea Phone Number Data obtain a work visa before moving to Luxembourg. It is worth remembering that Great Britain is no longer part of the European Union so British people need to go through the same procedures as other nonEU workers to get a job in Luxembourg. Types of work visas in Luxembourg Depending on the length of stay work visas to Luxembourg are divided into . Shortterm visa type.

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To stay in the Schengen area for days or a total of days within a day period. This visa is usually us for business trips meetings conferences and family visits. . A longterm visa type D provides a reason to stay in the country for more than Malaysia Whatsapp Number months. For work study or permanent residence. This type of permit is usually grant to employees highly qualified specialists students and caretakers. Depending on the type of planned activity work visas in Luxembourg are divided into Visa for employees or work visa Permit for highly qualified personnel EU blue card Visa for young Au Pair Work visa for a student Work visas for freelancers entrepreneurs and selfemployed persons Visa for seasonal workers.


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