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What is the average cost of real estate in Costa Rica Real estate prices vary greatly depending on the type of property and specific location. However the average price per m in Tamarindo varies from to in San Jose from to and in Santa Ana from to . Real estate taxes and fees in Costa Rica In addition to the cost of housing the buyer must pay additional taxes. The exact amount depends on the price of the property Real estate transfer tax . of the value of the object Documentary stamp . of the value of the object Notary fees . of the value of the object Stamp of the register of residential real estate . of the value of the object Real estate agents commission.

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Of the objects value. Buying real estate in Costa Rica is a good investment but its important to have an experience highly qualifie attorney represent Uganda WhatsApp Number List you in any real estate transaction. And it should be your lawyer not the sellers specialist from a reliable consultant using the link . Products from Visit World for a comfortable trip Checklist for obtaining a visa and necessary documents in Costa Rica Lawyer for business in Costa Rica Travel and health insurance for foreigners in Costa Rica Insurance for international students in Costa Rica.

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