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Great Britain Learn more about Great Britain CLICK HERE In recent years Turkey has become increasingly popular among expats from Great Britain. Currently at least Britons live in the republic and this number is constantly growing. Why do British citizens choose the Republic of Turkey to live Do British people nee a visa to move to Turkey Answers to these questions and a lot of useful information about moving in our material.

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Why are so many Britons going to Turkey The Turkish government has introduce a number of measures aime at attracting foreign investors and entrepreneurs which has le to an increase in the number of English businessmen in Turkey between Europe and Asia also makes it attractive for those who want to expand their business into UK WhatsApp Number List new markets. Also due to the rapid growth of the Turkish economy there is a shortage of qualifie specialists in the country. Therefore UK nationals with the necessary skills are often in high demand in the Turkish labor market. Does a British person nee a visa to move to Turkey If you are visiting Turkey for tourism or business for up to days you do not nee a visa. Anyone wishing to move to Turkey for more than days must apply for a Turkish visa.

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The type of visa depends on the purpose of the trip to Turkey Study visa this type of visa is issue by Britons who are going to Turkey to get an UK Phone Number List eucation for an internship to attend courses or for other eucational purposes. Work visa to Turkey You can apply for this visa if the main purpose of your trip to Turkey is employment or if you are a scientist athlete artist or journalist have high professional experience and significant career achievements . A family reunification visa is a permit grante to foreigners family members of a citizen of the Republic of Turkey or the spouse of a foreigner who has a valid work or residence permit in Turkey.

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