You Can Eliminate The Risk Of

You get the data you need most, so you can use it to empower your business’s decisions. Insightly is a basic contact management system that will help you manage contacts down your sales pipeline. 14. SugarCRM Prices starting at: $49 per user per month Looking for a sweet contact management tool with all the bells and whistles? If so, SugarCRM is the platform for you. It combines contact management with sales automation to help you turn more contacts into customers. Homepage for SugarCRM SugarCRM provides you with tons of great features, including: Integration with popular platforms: From Dropbox to Quick books, SugarCRM connects to popular platforms you already use.

AI-Powered Predictions

This tool uses AI to make data-backed  Job Function Email List predictions about your contacts, so you can better serve them. Leaf qualification: SugarCRM is a great tool to use for lead qualification. It can optimize your lead qualification process to help you get better leads and grow your business. Workflow automation: With this tool, you can automate mundane processes to save your team time and create custom workflows that help your business grow. SugarCRM is another contact management system you can use for your contacts. 15. Active Campaign Prices starting at: user per month Another of the top contact management systems is Active Campaign. This platform offers everything you need.

TO Manage And Convert

Homepage for Active Campaign Active CXB Directory  Campaign offers numerous features, like: Contact migration: Easily transfer your contacts from another source to Active Campaign without losing data. Lead scoring: Want to know which contacts you should focus on first? Active Campaign provides lead scoring to help you convert leads while they’re hot. Workflow automation: Active Campaign automates mundane tasks for you, like lead scoring, pipeline monitoring, task tracking, and more. Contact segmentation: Active Campaign will segment your leads automatically to help you deliver the right information to the right people at the perfect time. If you want contact management software that helps you automate tedious lead management tasks. 

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