Definition What Is Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone Content translated means something like cornerstone content or cornerstone content. In relation to a website, the cornerstones stand for high-quality content on a subpage. It’s not just nice-to-have content, but “if you want to rank well, you have to have it” content.Since the Definition What is Cornerstone Content Helpful Update , Google has favored  that offers users helpful information. For several years now it has been about added value, added value above all else. Cornerstone  follows this line. If it is created and set up correctly, it offers exactly the  that users are looking for and picks them up on their customer journey . This is particularly important for complex  or products.Important subcategories of a website or online shop are suitable as cornerstone content . For example, if you have a website about baking with recipes and tips, you could create general cornerstone  about apple pie recipes where you tease recipes and answer user questions.Your  foundation doesn’t build itself. But don’t be afraid of extra work; With the following instructions you can create successful cornerstone content, from strategy to monitoring.

Cornerstone content for online shops and products

An example: You run an online shop for sanitary facilities with the categories showers, sinks and toilets. These categories in turn have subcategories, for example B2C Email List corner showers and barrier-free showers. You should create If your cornerstone content strategy is in place, you can now create the appropriate content. Follow the golden rules for content marketing and SEO texts. Luisa has written a comprehensive article on cornerstone  for these subcategories and topic areas because they are important for your site, you want and need to rank well with the and they are relevant for users and potential customers.In a nutshell: Your cornerstone  should not be too broad, but Definition What is Cornerstone Content should cover important information that will help your users and help them understand what products you offer. Starting from the cornerstone , you can write additional . When Take a rough topic area and use the tools already presented for your keyword research. Also focus on user questions. Set the main keyword, secondary keyword and relevant keywords for each cornerstone content . When selecting keywords for cornerstone content, limit yourself to only important head keywords with appropriate search volume that consist of one or two words, and cover long-tail keywords with the subpages. it comes to publishing cornerstone  in WordPress, the Yoast SEO plugin offers something special. 

Cornerstone content for services

Sometimes the and functions of a shop or site are not as easy to understand as a shower. Cornerstone content is particularly important here. For example, if you offer a product CXB Directory or service that requires more explanation, then your cornerstone  can make it tangible and understandable. Best example: An SEO agency writes an SEO guide for effective search engine Definition What is Cornerstone Content optimization .If there’s one thing marketing likes, it’s “inventing” different categories for similar models, types of text and strategies. In the worst case, this can lead to buzzword uniformity that sounds good but tastes bland. In the premium version, the plugin offers help with internal linking by showing you suitable posts and pages to be linked. In the free version you can filter your pages by cornerstone .Here you can set cornerstones. This means: You can mark certain pages as cornerstone .  

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