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V Asset Management Company was founded by a team with expertise in money and capital markets. And has experience in the asset management business. Securities business for more than 20 years. Therefore, investors can be confident that  Management has expertise both in selecting fund products as well as in the country. And abroad For the opportunity to create good returns for customers Under an appropriate level of risk.  Management Co. Ltd. is a major shareholder of KTB Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited (KTBST) . Co., Ltd. officially started business operations on March 6, 2019 , with the first phase providing services. Mutual funds are offered to investors through the sales channel. Which is the selling agent of KTB Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited.

Teady to offer mutual fund services

Mr. Issara added that With an economic and investment perspective in 2019 . It is estimated that Overall. The world economy can still grow this year. This is despite predictions that it will slow down slightly. Where the US economy that can still grow well at the level of 2.3-2.5% this year, although economic numbers in the 1st quarter V Asset Phone Number List of 2019 may slow down somewhat. Due to the impact of the trade war But it is expected that the economic numbers will gradually improve. Improved at the end of the 2nd quarter of 2019 , so the US economy Overall, it is still good growth. In addition, the US Federal Reserve ( Fed) is likely to delay raising interest rates this year. It will be a factor that will continue to support the stock market.

Starting with the IPO

Meanwhile, the Thai economy has fundamental factors that are still strong. The overall picture of the economy can grow at the level of 3.5 – 4% this year. Therefore, V Asset Management plans to present a new fund with a policy to invest both CXB Directory domestically and abroad. To be an alternative for investors who are looking for investments that generate good returns. After that, the first sale of investment units ( IPO ) will be opened. We Fixed Income Fund, not for sale to retail investors ( WE-INCOME), has a policy of investing in bonds or debt instruments that have received a credit rating of no. Mainly investable ( Investment Grade) and diversify some investments into debt instruments with a credit rating lower than those that can be invested.

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