Separating waste at source is the beginning

Over the past several years, many sectors have turned to give more importance to “ waste ” . One approach that is being discussed internationally as an important solution that will lead to sustainable solutions is. Waste management according to the concept of circular economy ( Circular Economy ). But for this to happen It is necessary Separating waste to properly manage and separate waste from the source. To make it easy for you to go through various processes. to create additional value As the public sector in many communities has woken up and risen up to manage “waste at source” in a more concrete way. This is considered an important part that creates a complete waste management cycle.

Cooperation of the network

Bowon : Home, Temple, School to instill awareness and create a habit of recycling waste to add value This is the starting point of the Circular Community model. “ The school has a policy of being a waste-free school. in collaboration with the Chemicals business SCG at Rayong Cultivate consciousness and incorporates the philosophy of sufficiency Phone Number List economy By encouraging children From Kindergarten 1 to Grade 6 , learn how to repair items such as tables, chairs, lawnmowers, and computers in order to reduce consumerism, stop using foam, and reduce the use of plastic bags. and campaigns to use cloth bags to reduce waste at the source. In addition, we also work with temples and communities.

Create value for community waste

For example, every trash can in school comes from Sanghathan bins. There are 4 types of trash cans: wood, plastic, milk cartons, and paper. Children will separate waste in the classroom. Milk cartons are turned into kindergarten students’ tables and chairs, hats and fans, while ice cream sticks are used to make learning materials. And the paper Separating waste will be spun and made into paper mache angel CXB Directory hats. Then bring it back to offer to the temple. For use in various festivals or even using food scraps to make fertilizer For planting trees in schools and communities, ” said Ms. Busaba Thanaporn, director of Khod Hin Mittraphap School No. 42 , Rayong Province. Starting something new isn’t easy for a community. But when you see the benefits, it really helps reduce the health problems of the community. Thus leading to sustainable behavior change.

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