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Turkey is one countries among expats. And for those who decided to stay the issue of obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit which requires mandatory insurance is important. Find out which insurance policy is required to issue a permit and what are the features of this insurance Learn more about Turkey Learn more about Turkey CLICK HERE Buying real estate in Turkey has many advantages it is both a successful investment and a place where you can spend your vacations and the opportunity to issue a residence permit in the country.

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You choose a small apartment on the outskirts of the city or a luxury house by the sea together with real estate every foreigner receives the right to live study and do business in the Republic of Turkey. As of the end of . million foreigners lived in Turkey on the Belgium Phone Number Data basis of a passport the majority of expats are citizens of Russia Iraq Turkmenistan Syria and Iran . Is an insurance policy required to issue a residence permit. So one of the most important documents for issuing a passport is a health insurance policy. Which must meet certain requirements. We tell in more detail in this article. Private or public what health insurance is required to obtain a residence permit in Turkey In order to obtain a residence permit in Turkey an expat must take out a health insurance.

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In Turkey public health insurance is also available but a foreigner can apply. For it only after one year of residence in the country on the basis Arabia Whatsapp Number of a permit. How to choose an insurance policy for obtaining a residence permit. In Turkey The Turkish government does not set strict requirements for policy components. A medical policy with minimum coverage is suitable for submitting documents for a residence permit. However it is important to remember that if you get sick or injured and your policy does not cover. These events you will have to pay for the treatment yourself.

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