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Why is it so important  what health insurance is and answer the most common questions about the policy. What is international health insurance International health insurance is designed for workers expats or foreign nationals living in another country for a long period of time. An international insurance plan helps cover the costs of minor illnesses and serious health problems. More comprehensive plans may cover rehabilitation maternity childbirth and cancer treatment. Is it mandatory to take out health insurance when moving abroad without a visa International health insurance is not mandatory but most expats prefer international health insurance because it provides peace of mind.

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If you have international health insurance you wont have to worry about medical problems while in a foreign country. Do I need health insurance to apply for a visa One of the main reasons for the need to take out insurance for expats is the Kenya WhatsApp Number List requirements of the law. The immigration service of most countries of the world requires a policy to be issued for a visa or residence permit. Some regions even require special insurance that would cover certain diseases. There are stricter countries that may examine your health status before issuing a permit. However the policy should usually cover a certain amount of expenses in the local currency and be valid for the duration of your stay.

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Travel and health insurance whats the difference. The main difference between travel insurance and international health insurance is as follows. You take out travel insurance if you go abroad on holiday business trip or any other trip that will last Philippines Phone Number List less than six months. Travel insurance covers emergency medical care and other accidents that may occur during a trip loss of luggage flight delay etc. Take out health insurance if you are moving to another country for work study or plan to spend most of your time abroad. International medical insurance is longterm and covers most medical expenses you may incur while abroad but does not cover trip interruptions. Read more about the differences between the policies at the link.

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