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The monthly budget for car maintenance is gasoline insurance and parking fees. Medical insurance Everyone who lives in France for more than three months including foreigners is entitled to public health insurance Protection Universelle Maladie PUMa. The monthly payment is of the salary. To receive medical care you must register with a French insurance company and a doctor in France. It is necessary to undergo most medical procedures on the referral of this doctor. About of medical expenses are covered by insurance.

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However to issue a residence permit or if you plan to move to France in less than months an expat must take out a health insurance policy . The districts of Paris are not similar to each other so every expat will definitely find the perfect place for him to France be sure to consider the high cost of living in the country. Products from Visit World for a Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List comfortable trip Checklist for obtaining a visa and necessary documents in France Legal advice on business medicine education and immigration issues in France Travel and health insurance for foreigners in France Insurance for international students in France.

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We monitor the reliability and relevance of our information. Therefore if you see any error or inconsistency please write to our hotline . REHealth insurance abroad answers to the most common questions Insurance popular. Travels Share Mexico Phone Number List Health insurance abroad answers. To the most common questions Planning a trip abroad. In order to protect yourself as much as possible during. Your stay in another country you need to take out a health insurance policy. In this article we answer the most popular questions about insurance Get free information about countries Get free information about countries CLICK HERE If you plan to move abroad you need to take out a health insurance policy.

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