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Turkey also allows dual and multiple citizenships regardless of the country you come from. Therefore there is no nee to give up the passport of the country of origin. UK law also allows for dual citizenship. Turkish citizenshipforinvestment program Golden Passport is an opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for investments in the states economy. Five types of investments are available in the Republic of Turkey buying real estate government bonds or shares in investment funds placing a deposit in Turkish banks or starting a business.

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The process of obtaining citizenship will take months and the minimum investment amount is . There is a double taxation agreement between Great Britain and Turkey. According to Article of this agreement Turkey has the right to tax income USA WhatsApp Number List from real estate. Since you are a resident of Great Britain both countries Great Britain and Turkey have the right to tax income from real estate. In In the UK you will generally be given a discount on the amount of tax you paid in Turkey to avoid double taxation on the same income and the same applies to property tax.

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In order to avoid double taxation on your property and get a UK tax creit you nee to go through the appropriate proceure as it does not happen USA Phone Number List automatically. If you make a profit from the sale you must declare this to HMRC Himeland and Customs in the UK. You can also claim a discount on the tax you have already paid in Turkey the SA tax return form as well as the SA for capital gains tax. If you intend to claim a foreign tax creit you will also nee to complete SA Foreign Earnings. Immigration to Turkey is a rather complicate process that requires certain knowlege and preparation.

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