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We advise you to prepare a little so that you are not nervous during the meeting and answer questions clearly. Upon arrival in the country a British citizen must apply for a residence permit in Turkey. Advantages and disadvantages of moving to Turkey Life in Turkey like in any other country in the world has its advantages and disadvantages Pluses Low cost of living compare to other European countries living in Turkey is much cheaper. Brits who move to Turkey spend less money on their daily expenses. Also utility services such as gas water Internet telephony and utility tax are much cheaper in Turkey.

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Favorable conditions for work and business Turkeys economy is stable and growing rapidly especially in recent years in alone the growth was a record . The unemployment rate in Turkey is low. The country has free economic zones with a special tax and customs regime Uruguay WhatsApp Number List which allow to support the export of goods from the country. Advance healthcare system Turkey has an excellent healthcare system. For many years the country worke on the transformation of the health care system making it more accessible and of better quality. Currently Turkey is known as one of the centers of meical tourism.

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Warm climate and a large number of sunny days in Turkey you can enjoy four seasons. The winter here is mild. From April to October rains are extremely rare. Rich culture delicious cuisine and friendly local population. Cons Language barrier in order to Brazil Phone Number List comfortably work and conduct business in Turkey an expat nees to know the Turkish language to get a work visa buy a car or a house you have to go through many proceures and fill out a lot of forms. Can a Briton get Turkish citizenship You can get Turkish citizenship if you live in Turkey continuously for five years. If you marry a Turkish citizen you will be eligible for citizenship after three years.

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