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A decent strategy is an investment in the future – in the development of the brand, which will lead it to success. PR strategy Preparing a PR strategy takes time and commitment. The process should be precee by an in-depth analysis of the situation – where the company is locate, what surrounds it, etc. Detaile research may include a SWOT analysis that will determine: strengths – how good is the company’s current reputation, Weaknesses – weak points of the company, opportunities – what are the new opportunities, does the competition have any weaknesses, external and internal threats – activities of competitors that may negatively affect the company.

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At the beginning of strategy planning, you should define a goal. The main goals of PR are to build the company’s reputation and maintain positive relations inside and outside the organization. It is worth setting secondary goals – promoting database specific products. Building support for introducing a new product to the market, improving the image. Objectives must be SMART, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. The next stage is a detaile definition of target groups, taking into account the motives of the representatives of individual groups.


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Their value systems, emotions that guide them in their choices, the communication channels they use. Defining the audience will enable the selection of appropriate PR tools. Once you have establishe your target groups, focus on creating the CXB Directory message.  That will underpin your entire PR action plan. The message should define how we will present the company.  How we will distinguish it from the competition, what we will identify it with, what values ​​we intend to follow. Setting a budget plays a key role in creating a strategy. A strictly define budget will allow you to determine specific, realistic actions and tools.

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