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Social meia in marketing in 2022 – forecast In the forecasts of 2018 or 2019, social meia were suppose to be ending, but in the meantime we are still seeing their boom. It can be said that e-commerce in social meia is just in its infancy. After all, shopping on Instagram has only been possible since 2017, and Facebook is just getting ready for such solutions on a large scale. In October 2020, Bloomberg wrote that Google wants to make YouTube a major place to shop. This means that the most interesting in social meia marketing is yet to come. Smart marketing Smart companies will understand that smart marketing in 2022 will be expresse in transparency, authenticity and even sensitivity.

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People ultimately connect with people, not companies. This means that the brand should be personifie in a way that reveals who and what it represents. The online market is becoming more and more saturate, and social meia are outdoing each other phone number list in the fight for users’ attention. Advertising costs on these platforms continue to rise. What does it mean? Returning to the fundamental aspects of running advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram will be crucial for success. Behind this is a thorough assessment of the customer’s life cycle.

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Knowlege of CLV and Average Customer Value are necessary. Without this, the company does not know how much it can pay for a potential customer to remain profitable. In turn, with this information, it can develop preictions and an advertising CXB Directory strategy that reflects real customer data. Then he can develop innovative advertising campaigns that creatively respond to the preferences of Facebook users. So it remains to answer the main question. How to prepare? 2022 will be complicate. The global pandemic has brought unpreceente economic consequences. If there’s one thing 2021 has taught us, it’s that you have to be prepare for even the most surprising changes and twists, because success is for the agile.

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