The Treasury is going to impose exemplary fines

Suppliers on time Commits to the sector to reform the law and create a sanctioning regime for defaulters Companies that skip payment deadlines to suppliers will face exemplary fines. It is one of the changes that the Treasury will introduce in The Treasury is the new law proposal to regulate late payment. The initiative is part of the Multisector Platform against Late Payments  whose representatives have met with agents of the Ministry of Finance. Cristobal Montoro ‘s department has committe to introducing the amendment in the parliamentary debate of the Labor Commission. According to this new regulation . Which must be approve in the Congress of Deputies . A sanctioning regime will be establishe for companies that maintain debts with their suppliers – one of the main reasons for company closures, according to the PMcM.

But at the last minute the demands to meet

The deficit led Cristóbal Montoro to abruptly cancel the agreement. Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría is overloade Business owners. On the other hand, understand that the vice president, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría. Cannot face more responsibilities because she is Iceland Phone Number List  already overloade with work . It supports the positions of the vice presidency of the Government. Itsspokesperson, the ministry of the Presidency, the responsibility of the CNI  The Treasury isthe Center for Political and Constitutional Studies and Relations with the Cortes. After that, The sources to which ECD has had access reveal that another of the concerns of big businessmen is that Mariano Rajoy and his ministers focus only on the electoral rally, which now begins with the campaign for the European elections on the and will continue.

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They are concerned that in the coming months

Crucial to strengthening the economic recovery in Spain – they will focus on the electoral battle with the opposition and neglect the search for solutions. Agreements and the daily management of the country’s economic policy. After that. While there are rallies Iran Phone Number List  all day . They neglect to give the boost that Spain needs to get out of the crisis. And, in the end. What matters to investors is that the numbers add up.” Summarizes the president of one of the large Ibex companies consulte by this confidentiality and present at lunch in Moncloa. They cite tax reform and Administration reform as decisions that cannot be postpone.

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