Bnco Popular keeps Catalunya Caixa in exchange for choosing


Negotiate with the FROB an ‘a la carte offer’: divide the network of offices and only acquire those that have a portfolio of clients with high incomes Where was Antonio Brufau the day the Repsol pact with YPF was signe Economy accumulates a budget gap of 38,000 million in 2013 Banco Santander ignores pressure from the Government and will not stay Bnco Popular keeps  with Catalunya Caixa Catalunya Caixa headquarters in Barcelona. Catalunya Caixa headquarters in Barcelona. The purchase of the branch network does not, by any means, end Banco Popular’s interest in the rest of Catalunya Caixa. The entity chaire by Ángel Ron is already negotiating the operation with the FROB: it retains the entire entity. But the purchase has one condition: that the bank can choose the specific branches that it will control.

But it has effectively set a fundamental

The purchase: being able to choose the branches of the network with which it stays. Both inside and outside Catalonia . There is no interest in the Catalonia network The sources to which ECD has had access explain that the FROB’s main problem lies in the sale Hong Kong Phone Number List of the Catalonia network . La Caixa has refuse to absorb the Catalan offices. The operation does not fit due to the high integration costs. BBVA is not intereste  either. Unnim was awarde a few months ago and its network in the community is now, therefore, oversize. The Apollo fund , which recently acquire NovaGalicia, has also not shown interest in the Catalan business. A la carte offer throughout the entity . Given this scenario, according to the sources consult.

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A kind of ‘a la carte offer you will only be left with

The offices that have a portfolio of clients with high incomes, since they are the most profitable . The rest of the branches would be left in the hands of the  Indonesia Phone Number List FROB to decide on their future. Purchase of branches in the rest of Spain Before undertaking the final purchase, Banco Popular has presente an initial offer to the FROB only for the entity’s network of offices locate outside Catalonia. Their interest, they explain, is in around 100 offices of the 196 that the entity controll by the FROB has in the rest of Spain. Most of the network that interests Popular is locate in Madrid, the Basque Country, Levante and Aragón . 59.7 million in compare to losses in and quintuples its Proposal for the reduction of Banco Santander One of the favorite entities in recent months to take over Catalunya Caixa was Banco Santander.

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