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The media industry is specific from an SEO point of view. Unlike typical commercial websites, high-quality content usually appears on such portals regularly and is the basis of their operation. It is worth remembering, however, that there were over 100 portals we examined. Those indicated above are a selected group in which each website constitutes a valuable advertising space (not to mention its informational value, of course). It is also worth remembering that the results are not an obvious one-to-one translation of website traffic. Social media activity, the degree of competitiveness in a given city and users’ attachment to. The brand (direct, not organic visits to the website) are also important.


Where to look for links in Silesia which portal

Links build online visibility. Yes, but as you can see in the case of the media industry, they are not a key element. Only 6 portals best rated by  and Majestic were among the fifteen most visible Phone Number Data in Google according to . Another important conclusion is the large disproportions between the data presented by Ahrefs and Majestic. Suffice it to say that the portals with the highest TF and CF in Majestic – Ahrefs – were not even in the TOP15 . Just like in the world of SEO specialists. The media looking for SEO are looking for solutions to increase traffic on their website. A good example is the activities of the network of portals belonging to the silesia.info group. All portals associated with this logo have a separate “office” zone in their menu, which collects searches for “official phrases”. Thanks to this, portals can position themselves for a larger number of keywords.

Visibility ranking of news portals what did we take into account

Phone Number Data

The tools used – basic, commonly used in the SEO industry – allowed us to assess the value of individual portals as broadly as possible. Senuto gives a clear picture of which website is well positioned CXB Directory and its visibility in Google is at a high level. This is an important and objective parameter for advertisers who often have to rely on intuition and indirect dataor trust the website statistics provided by their owners. Ahrefs and Majestic results are key factors for the work of SEO specialists. High positions of portals in these rankings show that valuable links lead to the websites, i.e., according to Google.  Of course, in SEO, these parameters should be examined complementarily, in great detail and in relation to each other. The factors we take into account allow us to determine general trends.

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