Tennozu Isle Station is Connected to Tokyo Waterfront

The Haneda Express is a direct, non-stop service between Haneda Airport and the monorail station, Hamamatsucho.

Fast and local trains are also available (check the next station for more information).

Tokyo Monorail Stations
The Tokyo Monorail connects both Haneda Airport terminals with Hamamatsucho Station in central Tokyo.

Haneda Express trains offer direct service between the 3 terminals at Haneda Airport and

Hamamatsucho Monorail Station, while local trains stop at all of these stations

At the Hamamatsucho monorail station, passengers Database heading to the airport can check-in online with their airline. This station makes it easy to change to the JR Yamanote and Keihin-Tohoku lines .

All stations on the Yamanote Line are within 30 minutes of Hamamatsucho. The Yamanote Line connects to many of Tokyo’s tourist attractions.

Tennozu Island Station
Tennozu Isle Station is connected to Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Station by an elevated walkway. Express services stop at this station, but the Haneda Express does not.

Oi Keibajo-Mae Station
Oi Keibajo-Mae Station provides access to the Ohi Racecourse, which bears his name. Fast trains stop here, but the Haneda Express does not.

Sebijo and Shin-Seibijo Station
The station names Sebijo and Shin-Seibijo mean “maintenance facility,” and these stations do provide access to Haneda Airport’s maintenance areas. They serve as stops for the local train.

Ryutsu Center Station
Ryutsu Center Station is located near warehouses, train freight terminals, and similar facilities. Its name means “logistics center”. Fast trains use this station, but the Haneda Express does not.

Only local trains run through Showajima StationĀ  In this station there


Are several tracks running on the same platform, which CXB Directory allow fast trains to run faster than slower trains.

tenkubashi station
Tenkubashi Station is a stop for both the local monorail trains and the Keikyu Line to the airport.

Fares from Haneda Airport Terminals to Hamamatsucho Station are 490 yen (adult) / 250 yen (child)

monorail schedules
The monorail leaves the station approximately every 4 minutes during operating hours.

At peak times, trains run every 3 minutes, and the first station on the Yamanote Line (Hamamatsucho Station) takes just 13 minutes.

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