Haneda Airport to Central Tokyo

The Haneda Airport to Tokyo Monorail Line, often called simply the Tokyo Monorail, began operation in 1964. It was the first commercial monorail system in the world.

Running on a single rail structure, this line is parallel to the shoreline of Tokyo Bay . Travelers can enjoy views of the sea, and on clear days, Mount Fuji can be seen in the distance.

Haneda Airport is ideal for travelers headed to Tokyo, as it is much closer to the city center than Tokyo’s Narita Airport. In addition, it is the busiest airport in Japan.

The Tokyo Monorail is there to ease this daily passenger congestion and make travel to and from the airport more of an excursion than a transfer.

How can you take advantage of the Tokyo Monorail on your trip

How can it be used to travel quickly and efficiently Phone Number List to and from Haneda Airport? This travel guide is here to help you. Do not miss it!

Traveling with the Japan Rail Pass on the Tokyo Monorail
Although the Tokyo Monorail is a private railway , it has been integrated into the Japan Rail Pass . To enter, simply show your activated JR Pass at the gates.

Remember that you can activate your pass at the airport (Haneda JR East Travel Center), near the Tokyo Monorail gate.

Suica, Pasmo, and ICOCA cards are also accepted on the Tokyo Monorail .

These cards are activated with a 500 yen deposit and then loaded with prepayments. When you want to use the monorail, simply swipe your card through the turnstile access devices.

The fee is automatically deducted from the card. If you hand over the travel card when you no longer need it, they will return the deposit money.

In case you decide to activate your JR Pass laterĀ  keep in mind that the ticket

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Fares from Haneda Airport Terminals to Hamamatsucho Station CXB Directory are 490 yen (adult) / 250 yen (child)

monorail schedules
The monorail leaves the station approximately every 4 minutes during operating hours.

At peak times, trains run every 3 minutes, and the first station on the Yamanote Line (Hamamatsucho Station) takes just 13 minutes.

This rail service starts running around 5am every day, with a last departure around 11:30pm. There are 3 different types of train service that operate on the Tokyo Monorail line.

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