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To Paris be sure to put this neighborhood on your bucket list. Cost of living in Paris In Mercers cost of living report Paris topped the rd place and was more expensive than Amsterdam Munich and Brussels but cheaper than London New York and Zurich. The budget of a family of people who will settle in Paris can reach per month or more. Housing rent and communal services Of course as in most cities in the world the main expense item in Paris will be housing rent. You will have to pay about per month for a oneroom apartment in the center.

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If you need two or three bedrooms then twice as much. Utilities fees for water heating electricity and garbage collection about per month but most Jordan WhatsApp Number List often they are immediately included in the rent. The price for a basic Internet package starts at about per month. The fee for mobile communication is about . How much does food cost in Paris Your weekly food costs will depend on whether you shop at an outoftown supermarket chain such as Carrefour or a more expensive local grocer. Markets are also quite popular in France. You can pick up fresh produce at the outdoor markets where you can save a lot if you come before they close around.

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The Marche dAligre in the th arrondissement of Paris is one of the cheapest and busiest markets and is complemented by an indoor meat poultry New Zealand Phone Number List and cheese market. On average you should count on the amount of per family per month to buy products. Dinner for two in a middleclass restaurant will cost . The cost of a cup of cappuccino in Paris is . Of course France is known for its wine. The average cost of a bottle is . Transportation costs Paris has a welldeveloped public transport system. One trip in public transport costs . on average a monthly pass.

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