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Restaurants bars are always looking for Englishspeaking people especially in Lisbon Porto and the Algarve where tourism is at its peak. For hospitality companies knowledge of the English language is mandatory. However as most Portuguese speak English quite well it would be a significant advantage to know other languages such as French Spanish or German they are highly valued in this field of work.Work in support centers. There are many call centers in Portugal. Getting a job here is quite simple because you dont need to have special qualifications.

Among the requirements is to know

English any additional language is a plus. It is also important to be stressresistant. Call centers are mostly concentrated in Lisbon and Porto. Here are a few of the biggest Connecta Group is one of the most famous customer support Indonesia Phone Number Data centers in Portugal which employs about specialists. Looking for Portuguese English and Spanish speaking employees. You can apply for a job directly on their website. Teleperformance is a worldwide call center with offices in Lisbon Porto Setbal and Convillana. You can also search for a job on the website and filter depending on the language Spanish Arabic Italian Russian German. TAP Air Portugal Apple Sitel.

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Language schools You can teach

English in educational institutions all over Portugal it can be both teaching groups of students or schoolchildren and private lessons. To increase your chances of getting this job its a good idea to take the TOEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Indonesia Whatsapp Number Language course before you move. The biggest English language schools in Portugal recruiting are British Council Oxford School Wall Street English and Royal School of Languages . Season work In the summer season there is a significant shortage of Englishspeaking workers in Portugal. For example many hostels hotels surf camps and restaurants in the Algarve will compete for older workers especially those who speak English well.


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