Requirements for obtaining a skille

Longterm work visas in Great Britain Skille worker visa this permit gives a foreigner the right to work in a highly skille job with a British employer worker visa confirmation of a job offer from a British employer approve by the Ministry of Internal Affairs certificate of sponsorship issue by your employer profession specifie in the list of highly qualifie jobs of Great Britain your wage level must excee the minimum wage the level of English should not be lower than B. UK Graduate Work entitles university graduates to work and develop their career in the UK for two years after completing their studies.

A Permit Age From Years Old

You can issue a visa if You are in Great Britain on the basis of a student visa. You have studie in the UK for at least months on a student visa for a bachelors masters degree or other courses. Your university or college has notifie the Home Office. That you India Telegram Number Data have successfully complete the course. The Youth Mobility Visa is for people age to who plan to work in the UK for up to years. An important condition is that only citizens of Australia Canada Monaco New Zealand San Marino Iceland or the British Overseas Territories can get a permit. Domestic work visa this permit entitles you to work as a nanny chauffeur cleaner cook etc.

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Funds To Live In Britain

Requirements for obtaining a permit Age from years old. Must live outside the UK. You plan to work in the same family for at least months. You do not nee government funds to live in Britain. International athlete visa allows sponsore coaches or athletes to work in the UK. To get a permit you must be a qualifie coach or a wellknown athlete. The visa India Phone Number List application must be approve. By the governing body of your sport. Thanks to your work the UK sports sector must grow. Also to get a permit you nee to have a sponsor certificate proof of English language skills and enough money. To support yourself in Britain. Religious worker visa permission for nonEEA and Swiss nationals who have been offere work in the UK in a religious community.

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