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Find out more about the types and main requirements for working visas in the UK Learn more about Great Britain Learn more about Great Britain CLICK HERE Great Britain ranks fifth in the world in terms of the number of immigrants. Foreigners are attracte by the countrys strong economy career prospects high standard of living and rich culture. In order to move to work in Great Britain you nee to get a work visa which will allow. You to live and work in the country for a certain period of time. In Britain issue work permits a increase on.

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The majority of all work visas were grante to highly qualifie workers. Citizens of India preominate among nationalities . In order to apply for a work visa to Great Britain you must meet certain requirements and prepare the necessary list of documents. Details about the types of permits and the basic requirements for their registration Denmark Telegram Number Data can be found in our material. What are the types of work visas in the UK Base on the length of stay visas for employment in Great Britain can be divide into two main groups . Shortterm work visas also known as temporary visas. This permit gives you the right to work in Great Britain for a limite period  permits have been approve in the country Charity Worker Visa this visa allows you to volunteer in the UK for one year.

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A certificate of sponsorship from a license employer is require for registration. Creative workers visa foreigners. Who got a job in Great Britain Cambodia Phone Number List as a creative worker can apply for this permit. A certificate of sponsorship from a license UK employer is require. Exchange visa approve by the UK government this visa allows you to come. To the country for internships studies research programs or exchange of experience. Seasonal worker visa with this permit you can work in the agricultural sector of Great Britain. The permit is issue for months. International Agreement Worker visa intende for foreigners who work under a contract. For a foreign government or as a civil servant.


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