Rajoy prepares two big economic announcements

It will commit to creating 60,000 net jobs this year and will ensure that GDP growth will be 1.5% in 2014. The Government will review its forecasts in the last Council of Ministers in April The PSOE ‘resurrected’ Zapatero as an electoral weapon for the Europeans Arias Rajoy prepares two Cañete asked Rajoy to resolve the Deoleo crisis before announcing his candidacy PP and PSOE, denounced for hand-picking their candidates for the European elections Rajoy and Arias Cañete. Rajoy and Arias Cañete. The Government outlines a strategy for the final stretch of the European campaign with the announcement of a battery of good economic news that resonates with citizens. Within the framework of this offensive, the last Council of Ministers in April will revise upward the forecasts for the coming months that may be sold at rallies by Arias Cañete a few weeks before the elections. Just a year ago.

The Executive surprised by being too

Pessimistic or even catastrophic when setting its spring forecasts. What shocked most experts and analysts is that it was the Government itself that recognized in a veiled way the failure of its own economic policy , since its forecasts did not recognize the effort that Spanish  Oman Phone Number List society is making. According to its forecasts, GDP would not grow above 1% – the threshold at which the Spanish economy could be in a position to create jobs – until 2016. That is, once the legislature  Rajoy prepares two  has passed. In fact, the unemployment rate would not fall below 24.8% of the active population (around 5.5 million unemployed) until that year, which reflected “very conservative” estimates, as Minister Luis de himself admitted. Guindos . He made it known in a devastating appearance after the last Council of Ministers in April, accompanied by Sáenz de Santamaría and Cristóbal Montoro.

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He is aware that the campaign for the European elections is going to set

The political agenda until next May 25 and a battery of good economic news is now necessary after six long years of crisis. As El Confidencial Digital has learned from sources close to the economic leadership of the Executive, Moncloa is preparing, in this context, at least Vietnam Phone Number List  two important economic advertisements to sell before the elections. They are the following Creation of net jobs until the end of the year. Therefore, it will be highlighted that it puts an end to the destruction and certain stagnation that was initially foreseen for this exercise. GDP growth of at the end of 2014. Strong progress compared to the latest forecasts When the Government presented the last macroeconomic table that supported the General State Budgets at the end of last September.

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