Ángel Ojeda,former counselor of the Andalusian Treasury

The Chamber of Accounts concludes in a report that audits part of the aid granted by the regional government in and 2010 that there were anomalies in an item of euros granted to one of its companies . The Association of Aeronautical Entrepreneurs. Arias Cañete Ángel Ojeda asked Rajoy to resolve the Deoleo crisis before announcing his candidacy Rubalcaba stops Susana Díaz for the second time: she cannot call elections until The PSOE leaves Carme Chacón out of the European campaign Susana Díaz . President of the Government of Andalusia. Susana Díaz president of the Government of Andalusia. The files analyzed by the Chamber of Accounts in those two years are a minimum part of those granted by the Andalusian government and a minimum part of those received by the former Minister of Finance of the Junta de Andalucía.

It is one of the associations that are part

The corporate framework create by Ángel Ojeda  former Andalusian Minister of the Treasury between and  when he left politics. His group of foundations and associations revolves around public subsidies to provide training courses to the employ and Germany Phone Number List  unemploye. According to the report of the Chamber of Accounts . Complete in January and which was known a few days ago .  The aid given to this association is full of irregularities . Specifically, the competent authority points out five anomalies .  There is no documentation proving that you are not a debtor of public law income  taxes and reimbursement).In conclusion . The request to modify the resolution is not sufficiently substantiate. Has modifie the initial training plan or program cancellations. Delay in the start of the courses and extension in the period of their execution.

Phone Number list

On their website there is only a telephone

Number for Seville and Albacete and an email. They do not provide any information by phone either. What is recognize is that it is part of the Prescal Group and that it is locate at the same address as it, in the Park in Seville. The Prescal Group is the visible head of the Africa Phone Number List  conglomerate of associations and foundations that belong to Ojeda and that has receive huge amounts of millions of euros in subsidies from the Junta de Andalucía. For example,  in addition to the aforementione subsidy, Prescal itself receive 365,000 euros.  The Association for European Quality Inteca euros .  The Association euros  and the Natura Environment Support Association 423,000 euros . In total, two million euros in just one game that year. There were more.

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