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Most likely of tenants are more protected in Germany. Because of this landlords choose people to rent an apartment with meticulousness and strictness. It is almost impossible to rent an apartment for several months the market is completely oriented towards longterm rent which consists of a monthly payment and a subscription for utility services. Tourists can rent furnished apartments like Airbnb. Such accommodation is mainly rented for a day or a week.

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The following types of housing are the most popular in Germany . MaisonetteWohnung twostory apartments . Souterrainwohnung furnished Philippines Phone Number List apartments in the basement . PenthouseWohnung apartments on the top floor of the building . Loftwohnung large and spacious apartments . Appartement studio apartments . Einliegerwohnung apartments under construction . Altbauwohnung apartments in old buildings The procedure for finding housing in Germany If you are planning to move to Germany it is better to start looking for housing while still at home.

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For finding any information. There are now many housing search sites where you can fill out your profile and sign up for viewings. Thematic groups on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram are also suitable for housing search. In Germany the Philippine Whatsapp Number press about real estate which is presente in TotoLotto slots is common. Local realtors are unlikely to be helpful in finding housing. Overview of housing in Germany You should come to viewings early. Ask as many probing questions as possible. Find out why the previous residents left find out the average rental price in the city ask how the neighbors behave and how the traffic interchange in the area.

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