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The landlords will also prepare a series of questions for you. They will want to know your occupation income level credit history etc. Most likely they will require documentary evidence of this information. Abbreviations and abbreviations in advertisements for housing rent in Germany In Germany there are types of residential premises on the market houses Haus and apartments Wohnung. The abbreviation Wfl is us to denote the area of the room. Numbers and the letter Z or Zi are us to indicate the number of rooms Z is a tworoom apartment.

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Kitchen B bathroom T terrace DT roof terrace SZ bedroom AK pantry BLK balcony WG veranda etc. Floor numbering in Germany begins Spain Phone Number List with zero. The abbreviation ETG and the corresponding number are us to indicate the floor. KG is the basement floor EG is the ground floor OG is the last upper floor DG is the attic or apartments under the roof. Features of furnishing rented accommodation in Germany Almost of apartments in Germany are rented without furniture and appliances. Tenants take all their furniture to their new home. The only equipped room is the kitchen as it is made to individual measurements.

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About the kitchen equipment it will have to be purchas from the tenant or searched for in a store. The cost of transporting furniture in Germany can vary from to euros. Necessary documents for renting housing in Germany According to Spain Whatsapp Number statistics in Germany apartments in big cities. Receive about applications for viewing on the first day after. The advertisement is publish. Applications must sent immediately with a list of requir documents . Passport . Certificate of income for the last months . Bank statement on credit history has the form of a scale from to which demonstrates the financial stability of a personĀ  data and contact information . Certificate of no rent arrears . Recommendations from previous tenants . Bank account statement The next stage is the signing of the lease agreement.

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