More volunteers in Mexico?

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) release a new edition of the Satellite Account base on comparison with the information obtaine in the first study carrie out in 2008. The INEGI in this study includes all non-profit organizations, not only philanthropic ones, but also neighborhood, religious, union, political, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize that this is not a statistic where only data from the philanthropic sector is presente. did so in private organizations More volunteers in Mexico? Despite these data, we can roughly affirm that volunteering in Mexico has not grown. But what is this situation due to? There are several responses, among which we can highlight: There is a lack of a National Volunteering System in which a public policy to promote Volunteering converges; the State does not see itself as an active promoter.

Regarding youth volunteering

There is no public organization that brings together the volunteer efforts of  Venezuela Mobile Number Database public agencies, such as the now defunct National Volunteers that disappeare during the Ernesto Zedillo Administration. On the other hand, although there are very active, participatory and effective public volunteers such as that of the Secretariat of National Defense, their contribution needs to be made visible. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Institute of Social Development have been promoting meetings, dialogues and actions, but they require greater support from the federal public administration. It is urgent to place in non-profit organizations the need to manage their volunteers professionally so that they know how to recruit and retain volunteers. Thousands of organizations were born from a voluntary impulse, then they advance a few steps in their institutional development but forget to call for new volunteers.

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The initiatives do not receive financial

Schools and universities can help further expand the culture of time donation by France Phone Number List parents, guardians and community members. More volunteers in Mexico? As seen in the data reporte by the INEGI, churches are playing an important role in recruiting volunteers but empirically it can be state that the contribution of their service is given primarily individually without voluntary groups being forme within the churches. that they work as a team. That is, they also need to professionally manage their volunteers. Regarding companies that have come to establish their own corporate volunteer programs, they are require to refine their strategies and give greater depth to their actions. There is some confusion about whether volunteering days constitutes a formal program. Volunteering should not be an end for the company to show off its actions of connection with the community.

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