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Greece has a rich history Living in Greece means passing by ancient ruins or cultural monuments every day. Thanks to its thousandyear history every corner of the country keeps many secrets. Affordable healthcare system In general the health care system of Greece is develope at a high level. There are many public and private hospitals operating in the country. Thanks to the private insurance system anyone in the state can access meical care in an emergency so you dont have to worry about your own health here. A slower pace of lifeĀ  of life in the country it is slower and without unnecessary fuss.

It Is Slower And Without Unnecessary

The Greeks value simple human joys such as time spent with friends or recreation. Most expats achieve a healthy worklife balance in Greece. Delicious cuisine Greek cuisine is considere one of the tastiest in the world. The Meiterranean diet is synonymous Panama WhatsApp Number List with health as it includes the consumption of a large amount of healthy vegetables meat and seafood. There are many national dishes in Greece that are distinguishe by their special taste. Low crime rate Greece is an extremely safe country with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. Violent crimes are quite rare. Thefts are most often reporte in large cities and tourist areas. Most expats say they feel safe even when walking alone or at night. Cons of living in Greece Also life in Greece has certain disadvantages.

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One Of The Tastiest In The World

The level of healthcare may vary in quality There are some differences between private and public hospitals. In some facilities you may receive Spain Phone Number List lower quality services and the waiting time may be longer. There may also be difficulties with access to meical services in rural areas. The problem of the language barrier is quite common. To get a visa you nee to find a sponsor Wealthy expats have the right to receive a Golden Visa a fiveyear residence permit in the country when purchasing real estate. However you nee to be officially sponsore by a Greek employer to apply for a visa.

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