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Greece the main expats popular GREECE Share Living in of moving to Greece as an expat For many people living in Greece sounds like a dream. Enjoy the Meiterranean coast eat delicious food and explore ancient ruins. However living in Greece has both advantages and disadvantages. Learn more about the pros and cons of living in Greece for expats Take out an insurance policy for a safe stay in Greece without extra costs Take out an insurance policy for a safe stay in Greece without extra costs BUY Greece is a dream country for many expats. The Meiterranean coast delicious cuisine and rich history attract about new residents to the state every year.

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The majority of foreigners come from Albania Germany Georgia Russia and Romania . However moving to Greece like any other country in the Pakistan WhatsApp Number List world has both its advantages and disadvantages. Next we talk about all the pros and cons of living in Greece. Advantages of moving to Greece Greece is not only one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe it is also a great country for migration because the country has many advantages for expats Low cost of living Compare to other European countries the cost of living in Greece is quite low. Expats note that they have enough money to rent housing buy groceries and transport.

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Costs are higher only in popular tourist centers. Therefore to save money choose small towns or rural areas when moving to Greece. Greece the mainĀ  Good weather Greece has good weather for most of the year. The country has an average of sunny days per year. Of course Singapore Phone Number List sometimes the winters are cold and snowy but usually they are mild. Summer is hot and dry but the cool breeze makes the temperature more comfortable. are quite warm and friendly people thanks to which most expats feel at home here. The culture in the country is fun and exciting. Greece the There are many holidays in the state and the population is characterize by a high level of hospitality and social support.

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