It possible to quit

It possible my job in Germany suddenly Quick release in Germany is possible only if there are very good reasons. Both the employer and the employee can terminate the employment contract without notice. In Germany this is called an extraordinary termination. Grounds for sudden dismissal may include salary delays workplace safety violations harassment insults or bullying. What to do after dismissal if you do not have a new job You do not have a new job but you want to stay in Germany then check whether you are entitled to unemployment benefits.

If you have worked fulltime in Germany

For the past years you can receive unemployment benefits for up to years. Quite often workers receive of the amount they earned at their Bahamas WhatsApp Number List previous job. However if you resigned on your own initiative and without valid reasons you will not receive assistance during the first months after dismissal. However as a rule the job center will cover your health insurance payments during this period. Then start looking for a new job. Find out which jobs are most popular among expats and pay attention to jobs in Germany for English speakers . Germany is widely known for its complex bureaucracy. You may encounter certain difficulties at any stage of dismissal or search for a new job.

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A highly qualified lawyer will help

You understand all the intricacies of German legislation. Order a specialist consultation at the link . Products from Visit World for a India Phone Number List comfortable trip Checklist for obtaining a visa and necessary documents in Germany Legal advice for business in Germany Services of a lawyer on immigration issues in Germany Travel and health insurance for foreigners in Germany Insurance for foreign students in Germany. Top countries for which it is easiest to get a work visa the best options Many of us are thinking about improving our standard of living and moving abroad in search of interesting opportunities. Some countries help turn these thoughts into reality by providing opportunities including easy access to a work visa.

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