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If your  the application must be written in German. The document must contain the address of the company in the upper left corner. Also the date and subject of the letter Kndigung meines Arbeitsvertrags cancellation of my employment contract. The letter must specify the exact date when you plan to resign. Dont forget to ask for a letter of recommendation Arbeitszeugnis and leave certificate Urlaubsbescheinigung in your resignation letter. The letter should not be sent by email. Submit it yourself to the HR department or send.

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On the employers requirements. Step Check how many vacation days you have left Be sure to check with the HR department how many Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List days of paid vacation you have left. You will be able to rest a little before finally resigning from your former job. Also this time can be used to find a new place of employment. In certain cases the employer may allow you to receive cash compensation for unused vacation. This will be a big plus after dismissal. If your Step Ask for a letter of recommendation In Germany it is customary to collect letters of recommendation from previous places of work because future employers are actively interested in them during interviews.

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Therefore be sure to get an Arbeitszeugnis

From the company where you worked. Stage Transfer your responsibilities to another person Familiarize yourself with the specifics of the job and introduce the person who will be appointed to your place. Step Spend your last working day On the last Hong Kong Phone Number List working day do not forget to bring all the things you need to return to the employer. For example your laptop and mobile device with charging cables employee badge access cards or locker key. Also bring a backpack or bag to collect your things from the table. If you have a good relationship with your team you can even bring cake or sweets on the day or invite them over for a few beers after work.

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