Positioning popularity for its effect

Today we will deal with a topic that has been causing a lot of controversy in the industry for several years . I receive more and more inquiries, but from time to time they come to our agency. Of course, we try to explain right away why we no longer offer this service and what we can offer instead. But from time to time these types of queries come up.  Tell us why this topic causes so much controversy and at the same time still enjoys some popularity. I think it has some historical background. Once upon a time, when SEO started in Poland, many agencies and freelancers offered SEO in the pay-for-effect model. You paid when the website reached the top ten or five or three in Google. Each phrase was priced separately for these positions and at that point the customer only paid when he was in the highest positions. The historical background is still there somewhere. At the same time, customers have also become somewhat accustomed to this settlement model.

Why is positioning based on effect not profitable

Why is this a solution that, from the point of view of SEO agencies or SEO specialists, is simply an inappropriate and ineffective solution. Google is structured in such Phone Number Data a way that it is very difficult to measure this effect. Of course, it is not that these results are diametrically different, but there are some differences. The second thing is that agencies that offer this type of activities very often select keywords before starting cooperation.  In most cases these keywords do not bring traffic to the client. I notice that in these estimates, some of the key phrases are words that are really difficult to position. Some are phrases that are very easy to position. Will not bring any results to the client because no one is looking for them, and the client will have to pay for them.

Why does positioning for only one phrase make no sense Positioning popularity


Phone Number Data

Only for positioning, cooperation between the client and the company is very necessary. If I established a relationship with such a client without knowing him at all, there is a big CXB Directory risk that there will be no such cooperation. Many clients approach the principle “yes, I outsource SEO, you take care of it, I have my own business. Often you have to talk to the client about it. I would also like to accept something like this, but when I have already worked with the client for several months; I know how this client cooperates . I know what we can count on in our cooperation. On the other hand, you must remember that this success fee certainly depends on a certain risk and is certainly more expensive than if the client paid a fixed subscription.

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