Consider the average cost

Consider the ask as many probing questions as possible. Find out why the previous residents left findThis is a document of obligations drawn up in the form of a contract. It may even include information about hours during which no noise can be made as well as permission to carry out specific repair work. In addition the contract specifies the following data . Term of validity . Monthly rent . Additional payments utility payments . Term of warning about leaving home . Deposit . The size of the possible rent increase . List of provided furniture and equipment.

House rules to return

Permit for carrying out repair works Also they often draw up a protocol for handing over the apartment. It contains all the information about the current condition and equipment of the housing. Thanks to this document it will be possible to return the Switzerland Phone Number List deposit in the future. It is mandatory to pay two types of insurance the cost of which is euros per year. The apartment is insured in case of any malfunctions or thefts as well as the housing of neighbors in case of flooding or other unforeseen situations. The cost of renting a house in Germany A large part of German citizens do not have their own home but rent apartments all the time.

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Real estate prices will vary

By city district and apartment area of renting a oneroom apartment in a big city euros in the central part of the city euros outside the city euros communal apartments In some cases prices can be significantly higher due to the area of the apartment Switzerland Whatsapp Number the quality of the renovation or the availability of furniture. Also the price will depend on who offers the apartment the owner or a real estate agent. A deposit in the amount of monthly payments is mandatory. This deposit can be used for any damages incurred or will be returned when you leave the apartment.

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