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The permit can be forcibly cancele if it turns out that the work performe does not correspond to the declare one or false information was provide when the document was issue. Also if its validity period has expire a goal was set during employment which was achieve or the document that allows to stay in the country has expire or been cancele. Extension of a work permit in the Czech Republic It is necessary to extend the work permit employee card three months before the expiration date. For this you must continue to work for the same employer and in the same position in which you worke.

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If you want to change your employer you must apply for a new work permit. Do I nee to change my permit when I change jobs Due to the fact that a work permit in the Czech Republic is issue for a specific vacancy at a certain employer it is necessary to India WhatsApp Number List obtain a new permit when changing jobs. That is it is necessary to submit a new application for a new vacancy. One is advisable to go through this proceure exclusively for longterm work because the period of obtaining a permit is quite long. Useful information about working in the Czech Republic To have a general idea of work in the Czech Republic read the useful information.

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The average salary in the Czech Republic as of is Czech crownsmonth EURmonth. The average cost of living for one person in the Czech Republic is Czech crownsmonth eurosmonth. Estimate monthly expenses for a family of four are kroner Germany Phone Number List per month euros. This includes rent food transportation etc. But of course prices can vary depending on the lifestyle you prefer. The cost of a health insurance policy is from to crowns per year euros. Depends on the chosen company and preferences. Most foreigners find work in the Czech Republic through the Internet the following portals are popular Jobspin.z Jobs.z Prace.z Profesia.z . Vacancies are available in Czech and English.

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