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Insurance cover Most international health insurance plans offer coverage for the following cases Inpatient treatment hospitalization surgery stay in the intensive care unit anesthesia laboratory tests and Xrays. Outpatient treatment visiting a doctor visiting a specialist visiting a psychiatrist emergency care etc. Emergency services. Dental support. Motherhood. Protection of mental health. Physiotherapy. Rehabilitation. Chronic diseases. Evacuation or repatriation. How much can you spend on treatment abroad if you do not have a policy If you do not have a health insurance policy the cost of treatment abroad can be extremely high for example according.

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To the Association of British Insurers treatment for a broken spine in Thailand can cost rehabilitation after a road accident in Spain will cost . In EU countries calling an ambulance in emergency situations can cost at least euros. For a consultation with a Latvia WhatsApp Number List therapist in Israel prepare to pay from euros. Do I need to take out health insurance if the country I am going to provides foreigners with access to public medicine Depending on the country youve moved to you may be eligible for public health benefits. However this health care system may have certain disadvantages doctors appointments.

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The Disadvantages Include

The country may lack infrastructure for treatment you will not be able to communicate freely with the medical staff due to language or cultural Singapore Phone Number List differences you can get free medical care only after a certain period of stay in the country. Also the public health care system may usually have a limited list of free services it may not cover treatment of serious illnesses accidents emergency care maternity care dental services etc. To avoid the above inconveniences it is worth having a health insurance policy. Is the health insurance policy only valid in one country.

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