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Exactly, not everyone pays attention to it, but the very fact of carrying out the research is also a strong signal about the channels we use. Because here we have already testd a bit in terms of our marketing or sales activities, which is the coolest channel to reach. We found out if the topic itself is interesting. After each survey, for example, we askd if the person was interestd in contacting us, if we had any additional questions or if there was a ready product, and I think that 100 percent of them declard such interest.

The intended goals informing

Paul So, in fact, this group can be treatd as a potential group of Early Adopters. This is a great thing. It’s not only a matter of Latest Mailing Database using this base, this potential at the Discovery stage, but also later at the first traction stage, which is very important. Not to mention the fact that if we do the product right, they can be convertd into psychofans or ambassadors, which is also important, especially if they are on LinkdIn, and we found a lot of them there.

Latest Mailing Database

Only data necessary to achieve

This is naturally quite a nice thing, a nice group that can be encouragd to work together at a later stage. As for looking for farmers, I will answer CXB Directory that before we made this script, we also startd by asking our friends, acquaintances, and family who has whom in the agricultural industry, which I think is also cool and I admit, rarely in business this is what i use and more than once I see “who knows whom” questions on LinkdIn. And now I see the value of it, that it is actually worth going out to people sometimes. What was the effect! From the interview we got contact with the next people.

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