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What is the I form Form I is one of the documents useĀ  of an expat. That is foreigners who have a temporary residence permit in the USA fill out the I application in order to obtain a permanent residence permit or a Green Card. The application form has pages in the questionnaire it is necessary to indicate personal information of a foreigner work history immigration history grounds for obtaining a green card address in the USA criminal record data family information etc. The main purpose of the I application is to provide the state.

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The alien and confirm the expats right to obtain a residence permit in the Unite States. Who has the right to fill out the I form In order to Cayman Island WhatsApp Number List obtain the right to fill out the I form foreigners must fulfill conditions . It is impossible to stay in the USA and submit an application from abroad. . Enter the USA on the basis of an immigrant visa issue for family reunification when a relative of a foreigner has the status of a permanent resident or citizen of the Unite States it is possible to apply for an IR or F visa marriage those foreigners who plan to marry US citizens receive a K visa which is a nonimmigrant visa.

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The permit will be change to a CR visa and only after that you can fill out the I form highly qualifie workers foreigners who want to work in the USA and have a sufficient level of qualification can get a category E visa and move to the country Spain Phone Number List investments in business investors who will make a significant contribution to one of the American companies receive an EB immigration visa.Importantly Foreign nationals who arrive in the USA on the basis of a nonimmigrant visa a B or B tourist visa an HB work visa or a J J student visa do not have the right to submit an I application. The USA is the world leader in terms of the number of migrants living in the country.

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