Those who issue a permit

Those who on the basis of family reunification must provide an official invitation from one of the family members and prove family ties. . The presence of a criminal record or financial unreliability A person with a criminal record cannot obtain a residence permit in Turkey. People who have received financial assistance in the last three years can also be refused. . Problems with visa history Foreigners who violated migration legislation will not be able to issue a residence permit in Turkey.

What can be refused

If you violated the law not only of the Republic of Turkey but also of other countries of the world you lived illegally in the state after refusing a Belize WhatsApp Number List residence permit did not extend your visa on time or did not leave the country before the expiration of the permit documents. Importantly Foreigners who have illegally stayed or are staying in Turkey are denied a PMP. . Insufficient level of financial support for life in Turkey Every foreigner must confirm that he has enough funds to live in Turkey. In order to obtain a residence permit one person must confirm the availability of savings in the amount of Turkish lira.

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What should you pay attention

To in order to increase your chances of obtaining a residence permit. In Turkey In order to avoid rejection we advise. You before submitting Latvia Phone Number List documents for a residence permit. Check all documents for errors and pay attention. To whether all the references from the list are in your package of documents. . Find out whether you have grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey. . Get a certificate from the bank about the availability of sufficient funds to live in the Republic of Turkey. . Add to the list of documents an agreement on renting housing in the country for at least one year. How to find out that you have been refus a PMP in Turkey.

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